Trousseau Essentials

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  • Meena Bazaar-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000835

    Meena Bazaar

    Red bridal saree with net pleats and Georgette pallu
    Rs. 32,980
  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000367

    Meera Mahadevia

    Concentricity Clutch Bag
    Rs. 26,813

  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000398

    Meera Mahadevia

    Ring of Desire Swarovski Embellished Ring Handle Clutch Box
    Rs. 27,968
  • Rouge-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000583


    Saree with Velvet kundan border
    Rs. 9,500
  • Meena Bazaar-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000630

    Meena Bazaar

    Saree with cutdana buti
    Rs. 10,980
  • Niyamat-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000749


    Net shaded saree with cutdana work
    Rs. 25,047
  • Meena Bazaar-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000827

    Meena Bazaar

    Beautiful saree with a border and mukaish all over
    Rs. 12,980
  • Shantarasa-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000325


    Heavily embroidered pure Silk saree
    Rs. 37,275
  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000395

    Meera Mahadevia

    Glowing Ember Silver Clutch Bag
    Rs. 16,142
  • Rouge-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000512


    Saree with premium patch border
    Rs. 5,500
  • Parvesh & Jai-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000610

    Parvesh & Jai

    Saree with button work
    Rs. 29,000
  • Nataasha Dubliish-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000743

    Nataasha Dubliish

    Pure brocade lehenga with net dupatta

    Regular Price: Rs. 78,200

    BIW Price: Rs. 58,650

    25 off

  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000799

    Meera Mahadevia

    Dazzling Golden
    Rs. 13,320
  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000390

    Meera Mahadevia

    Flower of the Moon Swarovski Embossed Clutch Bag
    Rs. 15,966
  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000406

    Meera Mahadevia

    The Leitmotif Swarovski Embellished Clutch Bag
    Rs. 15,897
  • Black & White-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000584

    Black & White

    Saree with full peacock design
    Rs. 16,500
  • Meena Bazaar-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000631

    Meena Bazaar

    Khaddi Saree with all over sequins buti
    Rs. 9,580
  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000793

    Meera Mahadevia

    Bedazzled Gleam
    Rs. 14,121
  • Meena Bazaar-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000834

    Meena Bazaar

    Beautiful Chiffon saree with sequin border
    Rs. 16,980
  • Niharika Sharma-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000327

    Niharika Sharma

    Double shaded embroidered Georgette saree
    Rs. 30,000

  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000396

    Meera Mahadevia

    Passion terrace clutch bag with Swaroski and intricate design
    Rs. 17,469
  • Rouge-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000556


    Saree with golden print work
    Rs. 4,750
  • Alka Nath-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000617

    Alka Nath

    Long jacket style suit with zircon border
    Rs. 16,500
  • Nataasha Dubliish-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000744

    Nataasha Dubliish

    Pure brocade lehenga with 'baraat' concept

    Regular Price: Rs. 126,500

    BIW Price: Rs. 88,550

    30 off

  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000801

    Meera Mahadevia

    Peaceful Tranquility
    Rs. 14,300
  • Satya Paul-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000095

    Satya Paul

    Aqua green embroidered net saree
    Rs. 29,995
  • Meera Mahadevia-Trousseau Essentials-BIW00000392

    Meera Mahadevia

    Glow of Flame Swarovski Encrusted Golden Clutch Bag
    Rs. 15,657

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